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Customized Marketing & Commission Solution

HAAME has a deep understanding of brokerage business. Relying on our insights & professionals in finance, we dedicated to providing reliable & neutral fintech services globally.

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Leading CRM For Brokerages

Manage KYC, trading accounts, deposit & withdrawal, referral & commissions, etc., and provide diversified reports scenarios & filter functions for brokerages.

PAMM/MAM For Asset Management

PAMM as a kind of Percentage Allocation Management Module or trust funding mode, While MAM is convenient to manage dozens of hundreds of trading accounts.

Trading Platform Solutions

MT4, MT5, Sirix, XForce, XOH or more trading platform solutions all integrated, provide diversified, professional & inclusive solutions for brokerages globally.

Professional CRM For Brokerages

  • MT4, MT5, Sirix And XForce Integrated
  • Physical Isolation For Database Security
  • APIs For Business Integration & Extension
  • Flexible And Self-defined Rebate Mode
  • Diversified Reports & Filter Functions

Trading Across Different Platforms

  • Directly Access To Different Trading Server
  • Low-latency & High-reliable Trading Engine
  • Database Isolated & Communication Encrypted
  • Trading Protection For Risk Managment
  • Diversified Copy-Trade Strategies For AMC

Trading Platform Service & Support

  • Install & Setup Trading Platform Initially
  • Technical Maintenance For Trading Platform
  • Network Security & Emergency Protection
  • Route Optimization & Data Center Planning
  • Datafeed,Liquidity And CRM Support etc.

Products & Services

Dedicated, Professional and Reliable Technical Service & Support
  • Flexible CRM For Brokerages

    An opening CRM, which provide maximum flexibility for brokerages to customize or self-define its referral & commission rebate mechanism.

  • PAMM/MAM For AMC Strategy

    A kind of Percentage Allocation Management Module and Multi Account Management system customized for AMC or brokerages.

  • Trading Across Different Platforms

    Break the trading barriers across different brokerages,trading servers and trading platforms.

  • Copy & Social Trading

    With our low-latency and high-reliability trading engine, a lightweight copy & social trading community can be launched quickly.

  • Technical Maintenance For Brokers

    Settings and support for trading symbols, group, spread, commission, swap, server, network, route, security, authority, datafeed, liquidity and upgrade, etc.

  • Turn Key Solution For Startups

    As a Consultant to assist and deal with business registration, financial license, bank account, official website, trading platform, etc.