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X-MAM Social Trading Solution

A copy & social trading engine, with low-latency and high-reliability, allows trading across different brokerages and trading servers.

Trading Across Diff Brokerages

A copy & social trading system, which breaks the trading barriers, is convenient to manage multi account across different brokerages.

Trading Across Diff Brokerages

Directly Access To Trading Server

The copy trading engine, cluster installed and deployed on important network nodes, where nearby the international mainstream data center, directly access to the nearest trading server.

Directly Access To Trading Server

Low-Latency In Millisecond

With a math-function trigger mode, once the signal exuted a new trading order, the follower triggered immediately. However, other local/EA mode check signal orders regularly, for example, every 100-300 milliseconds, and delay happens.

Low-Latency In Millisecond

High-Reliability Trading Engine

Compared with the single-point server mode, it has inherent advantages on massive data computing and fault tolerance.

High-Reliability Trading Engine

Lightweight & Simplified Trading

No trading terminal running, no VPS or clouding server required, directly access to your trading server to provide you a lightweight and simplified trading experience.

Lightweight & Simplified Trading

Multi-Strategies For Copy Trading

Forward and reverse trading, selective trading, trading by multiple or trading by net value ratio etc.

Multi-Strategies For Copy Trading

Trading Protection For Risk Mngmt

Once connection error happens, trading server will be reconnected automatically. And when trading position missed initially, trading engine will try to excute again.

Trading Protection For Risk Mngmt

Functions Of Copy Trading

  • More With One Or One With More More With One Or One With More

    Multi-TradingAccounts follow a same signal, One-TradingAccount follows Multi-Signals, or Multi-Signals & Multi-TradingAccounts cross follows.

  • Intelligent Match For Trading Pairs Intelligent Match For Trading Pairs

    The copy trading engine matches trading pairs intelligently when the same symbol have different suffixes across different brokerages, for example, EURUSD, EURUSD#, EURUSDpro etc.

  • Contract Size Smartly Identified Contract Size Smartly Identified

    A simple example, the contract size of a signal is 100000/lot, while a follower is 1000/lot, with 100 times of difference. When the signal trades 1 lot, the follower trades 100 lots.

  • Follow By Specified Trading Pairs Follow By Specified Trading Pairs

    A symbol may exist multi-trading pairs, you can specify one of them to follow. Moreover, when the signal trading GOLD, you can even specify EURUSD to follow.

  • Forward And Reverse Copy Trading Forward And Reverse Copy Trading

    In the forward trading mode, when a signal buys, the follower buys as well. On the contrary, the follower sells opposite when the signal buys.

  • Follow By Multiples Follow By Multiples

    For example, when a copy multiplier set 2 and the singal trades 1 lot, the follower will trade 2 lots, as of 2 times of the signal's 1 lot.

  • Follow By Equity Ratio Follow By Equity Ratio

    No matter how many lots the signal account trades, the copy-trading account only trades according to the ratio of its own equity to the equity of the signal account.

  • Follow By Fixed Lot Size Follow By Fixed Lot Size

    No matter how many lots the signal account trades every time, the copy-trading account trades a fixed lot size previously set.

  • Selective Follow By Lot Size Selective Follow By Lot Size

    The signal account may trade with different lot sizes, but the follower only trades when the set lot size reached.

  • Selective Fllow By Trading Pairs Selective Fllow By Trading Pairs

    The signal may trade different symbols or trading pairs at the same time, but the follower only trade the specified trading pairs selectively.

  • Selective Follow By Positions Selective Follow By Positions

    The signal account may trade both long and short positions, but the follower only want to follow with one of them.

  • Copy & Social Trading Via TP/SL Copy & Social Trading Via TP/SL

    Once the signal trading account set a TP/SL due to risk managment requirement, the trading engine will synchronize it to the copy trading account immediately.

Trading Protection

  • Automatic Reconnection

    Automatic Reconnection

    Once the trading server-side connection found abnormal, our trading engine will reconnect automatically. However,other local/EA copy trading software needs to be dealt with manually.

  • Equity Protection

    Equity Protection

    Once extreme or black swan events occurs, the trading engine will close the trading position according to the pre-set profit or loss target and stop following.

  • Try to Open or Close Again

    Try to Open or Close Again

    Once missing the signal's opening or closing order, the trading engine will try again within the effective time & spread according to the connection situation of the trading server.

  • Alert Notification Pushing

    Alert Notification Pushing

    You will receive a notification in time if any abnormal or updates conditon occured, such as follow error,account error and accout updates.

  • 01
    Data Isolation & Encryption
    Data Isolation & Encryption

    We provide privatized server solution, the database installed on your own server, with physical security isolation, and the data is encrypted when storage.

  • 02
    SSL Communication Encrypted
    SSL Communication Encrypted

    Data may be intercepted during communication, we do our best to protect sensitive data and avoid data exposure during transmission.

  • 03
    Lightweight Trading Community
    Lightweight Trading Community

    We have expanded a community signal page, where you can even launch a low-cost and lightweight community based on our X-MAM.

  • 04
    Copy-Trade Via Manager API
    Copy-Trade Via Manager API

    You will have more superior trading experience on stability & speed via manager api trading mode.

  • 05
    Independent Brand Customization
    Independent Brand Customization

    We provide trading community OEM service, with your own brand,domain name or your own server.

  • 06
    Manage Trading Community Users
    Manage Trading Community Users

    Someone register the XMAM via mobile or email, and you can authorize or manage them with the account number limit and expiration.

Similar Comparison Of X-MAM

Items MAM X-MAM Local EA
Across-platform No Yes EA plugin
Copy Mode Single,Forward Various, Forward & Reverse Single, Forward & Reverse
Carrier Download Required Online Download Required
Hang-up No need to hang up No need to hang up need to hang up
speed Average speed High speed Slow
Stability General High-Stability Unstable